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Why Our Product

With our product, you can automate your activities or processes within Sacco or Credit Cooperative? Our product comes with a number of modules and with each attached to our general reports module for factual findings and analytics.

Our system comes with the following core modules that include;

  1. Membership Management Module.
  2. Shares Management Module
  3. Savings VS Withdraw Module.
  4. Loan Management Module.
  5. File Manager Module.
  6. Notifications Module.
  7. General Reports Module.
  8. Users Module.

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Sacco Software Packages

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UGX 4000000
Package Limitations

5 Users License

5 Time-Purchase

5 Live TVs/PCs

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UGX 8000000
Package Limitations

15 Users License

1 Time-Purchase

15 Live TVs/PCs

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UGX 12000000
Package Limitations

Unlimited Users

1 Time-Purchase

Unlimited Live TVs/PCs

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Every plan/package includes following features!

  • Shares Management Module

    This is a dynamic module that enables you to set your own shares global variables in relations to your operations and can generate factual and varying analysis shares reports.

  • Group/Member Registration Module

    Easily and friendly module that enables registration of new members or groups. This module captures all necessary information as needed for computation and compilation by the system.

  • Easy management

    Simple and user friendly graphical system user interface.

  • Notification Module

    Notify your members with instant notifications or alerts by SMS and email

  • Secure account access & user levels

    Manage your information securely with created different account access levels. These include Applications, Loan, Cashier, Administrator, & Manager accounts.

  • Finance Module

    Generate financial documents ie. personal receipts, invoices, ledgers, expenditures among others.

  • Loan Management Module

    This is also a dynamic module that enables you to set your loan categories with their corresponding rates/percentages and their monies ranges. This not all, has sub-modules that enable you to make follow-ups and measure loan performances with factual and various analytics reports.

  • Savings/Withdraws Module

    This dynamic module captures member/group saves and subjects them to pre-set withhold taxes and enables the reports module to generate necessary accounting ledgers.

  • Report Module

    Generate a number of consolidated reports for finance, marketing, regional as well as different forms such as deposit slips, withdraw slips, balance inquiry slips, registration forms among others.

  • Secure Backups and Management

    Secure database backups with encrypted password and encrypted system communication between Server PC and the client PCs.

  • Bulk Database Management & File Manager

    Manage bulk data and member files in a number of formats all stored in a centralized secured server.

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