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Why Our Product

Our product partitions your existing TV screens into 2 sections allowing for 2 different advertising mediums with the largest section utilizing 3 quarters of your screen is allocated to video/TV. The L-Section is dedicated for your business’s’ global dynamic adverts and each billboard is displayed after a pre-configured time that dynamically change in a closed loop.

With this product, you can achieve the following;

  1. Adds value to your business or company.
  2. Enhances your indoor business’ digital marketing of your products or services.
  3. Increases awareness, trust for your brands products or services.

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Screen Adverts Software Packages

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UGX 1600000
Package Limitations

One Time Purchase

3 Users/PCS





UGX 2600000
Package Limitations

One Time Purchase

15 Users/PCS

15 TVs/PCS



UGX 4600000
Package Limitations

One Time Purchase

Unlimited Users/PCS

Unlimited TVs/PCS

Every plan/package includes following features!

  • Software Architectures

    Administrative App, Live TV App.

  • Supported Technologies

    Advanced C#, Directshow Imaging Technology, TCP/IP Network.

  • Supported Software Modes

    Our software supports 3 Modes;

    1. i) TV Mode - Tune to your favourite TV Channel with our ADS Module Inclusive.
    2. ii) Advert Mode - Plays your company/organization products or services' video animations with our ADS Module Inclusive).
    3. iii) Events Mode - This module is integrated within the above two modes and can be set to trigger upcoming events at pre-defined time ranges and ranges of dates.
  • Secure account access & user levels

    Manage your advert information securely with created different account access levels. These includes Administrator account and Standard Account.

  • Secure Backups and Management

    Secure database backups with encrypted password and encrypted system communication between Server PC and the client PCs.

  • Bulk Database Management & File Manager

    Our software manages bulk system data in a number of formats all stored on a centralized secured server and a faster retrieval/access.

  • Easy Management

    Simple & user-friendly graphical administrative user interface.

  • Supported Formats/Extensions

    Our software supports a number of extension formats i.e. .AVI, .MP4, .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, .MKV.

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